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Forest Health

With the realization that the invasive species plaguing Guam forests may soon also pose a threat to neighboring islands, Dr. Ross Miller established a forest health initiative and team through a grant from the U.S. Forest Service. The team focuses on building a network among foresters in the Western Pacific to share information — in particular, on the early detection of invasive species. The span of the program includes three independent countries, a commonwealth, and a U.S. territory.

On the team is forest health/agroforestry specialist Dr. Robert Bevacqua, adjunct professor with UOG. Bevacqua is on a two-year contract to coordinate the management of tropical forest ecosystems in the region. 

The team has also been conducting research on the health of honeybees in the region, taking part in a national survey to understand what factors have been contributing to decline in the health of honeybees throughout the states.


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