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WPTRC Technical Reports

The publications listed here are internally reviewed technical reports and fact sheets written by faculty who have a research appointment under the Western Pacific Tropical Research Center at the University of Guam College of Natural & Applied Sciences. Peer-reviewed research conducted through WPTRC and CNAS can be found in the WPTRC Publications Module.

  Title Authors Publication Date

Papaya Cultivation Guide for Small-Scale Papaya Production in Guam

By R. Bevacqua and J. Sayama

June 2023

Forest Insect and Disease Leaflet 191 (Published by U.S. Forest Service)



By A. Moore, T. Jackson, R. Quitugua, R. Bevacqua, J. Sayama, R. Miller

April 2023

Drip Irrigation fact sheet cover

Drip Irrigation System Components & Layouts

By R. Bevacqua

February 2023

Mango Varieties

Mango Varieties at Ija Research & Education Center

By R. Bevacqua, K. Taitano, A. Ares

December 2022

Mango Production Guide

Mango Production Guide for Guam

By R. Bevacqua, J. Sayama, A. Ares

December 2022

Phytochemical Analyses of Horticultural Crops: Application of High Performance Liquid Chromatography

By M. Marutani, S. Clemente, K. Bacalia, E. Santos, S. Kotwal, G. Valerio, J. Calalang, N. Sala, M. Delfin, C. Desamito, M. Fernandez

Dec. 15, 2021

Eggplant 'Ideal': Open-pollinated local cultivar in Guam

By C. Desamito, S. Salas, C. Escalara, M. Marutani

June 2021

Growing Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) on Guam

By S. Clemente, M. Marutani

Nov. 15, 2019