Sexual Misconduct Response & Prevention

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UOG Helpline

The University of Guam Helpline was established to provide students and employees with a central contact number for confidential counseling, support and resources.  The Helpline is a free service for UOG students and employees and is confidential, consistent with local and federal law.


Reach the UOG Helpline at 671-735-HELP (4357) >



On-Campus Services & Support

We want to ensure the safety and security of all members of our community. We are committed to making sure that you are working and studying in a safe and secure environment free of sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, and that everyone is afforded an opportunity to file a complaint and have it heard in a responsible and clear manner.

List of On-Campus Services & Support Department and Programs


Know your Options to Report and/or Receive Help

  • Students can file a report and receive help from UOG.
  • Students can make an anonymous report to the university.
  • Students can receive confidential support through on-campus services.
  • Students can report and receive help from law enforcement.
  • Students can receive help from community services.