Sexual Misconduct Response & Prevention

The Process

The Process

If you believe that you may have experienced discrimination or harassment in violation of University policy, or if you are aware that another person has allegedly engaged in such discrimination or harassment, please report such information using this complaint process outlined below. 

REVIEW | Instructions on how to file a complaint

 Process Flowchart - see full text outline after image

Process Outline

  1. Incident
  2. If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1.
  3. Would you like to speak with someone? Please note that none of the following items are mutually exclusive. You may speak with anyone at any time. Reporting is always an option, and reporting to one individual is not mutually exclusive from reporting to another individual. Choosing one route does not preclude or exclude other options. You may speak with multiple groups at the same time and pursue multiple actions at the same time.
    1. If "yes, I would like to speak with someone", would you like to speak with someone internal and/or external to the University?
      1. If "external", would you like to speak with someone confidentially?
        1. Your confidential options are:
          1. Healing Hearts Crisis Center
          2. Victim Advocates Reaching Out
          3. Hospitals
          4. Clinics
          5. Mental Health Professionals
        2. Your non-confidential options are:
          1. Guam Police Department
          2. Police investigation
          3. Judicial action
      2. If "internal", would you like to speak with someone confidentially and/or someone with a duty to report?
        1. If "duty to report"
          1. Your options are:
            1. Responsible employees,
            2. Campus Security Authorities (CSAs)
            3. Sexual Misconduct Response Team
            4. Other designated staff/faculty
          2. University follows protocols for reporting complaints of sex offenses to criminal authorities.
          3. University investigates and determines if further action must be taken
          4. File complaint with EEO, ADA, Title IX Office and/or other appropriate University forum.
          5. Appeals
        2. If "confidential"
          1. Your options are:
            1. VAWPP
            2. Isa Psychological Services Center
    2. If "no, I would not like to speak with someone", would you like to make an anonymous report?
      1. If "yes", you may fill out the Anonymous Report of Sexual Misconduct. Paper forms are also available from the EEO, ADA, and Title IX Office.
        1. The University will investigate to the extent possible.
      2. Whether or not you make an anonymous report, helpful resources and contact information for various support groups are available on the website and on the UOG Resource Pages of the Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  4. In all cases, please refer to the UOG Resource Pages for Sexual Misconduct for who can assist and in what ways they can assist.