Marine Laboratory | Theses


190. MCDERMOTT, G. 2023. Intraspecific color variation in Porites cylindrica: the role of color variation in coral resilience. [Thesis Advisor: L. Raymundo] (download)

189. KEIGHAN, R. 2023. Organic matter cycling and nutrient remineralization by small-versus large-bodied sea cucumbers on coral reefs. [Thesis Advisor: P. Houk] (download)

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184. MILLER, T. 2023. The microbiome of the staghorn coral Acropora pulchra from West Hagåtña Bay. [Thesis Advisor: B. Bentlage] (download)

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181. MORELAND-OCHOA, C. 2022. Restoring blue coral in a blue world: responses of Heliopora Coerulea to transplantation between two contrasting environments. [Thesis Advisor: L. Raymundo] (download)

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176. KAWAHIGASHI, K. 2021. Reproductive behavior of Gomphosus Varius (labridae) in relation to current patterns at a spawning aggregation site: implication for larval dispersal. [Thesis Advisor: T. Donaldson] (download)

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173. DEINHART, M. 2020. Phylogenetic assessment of crustose calcifying red algal communities as coral recruitment substrate. [Thesis Advisor: T. Schils] (download)

172. EBELING-WHITED, K. 2020. Mating success of the Six-Bar Wrasse (Thalassoma Hardwicke, Labridae) utilizing two mating strategies. [Thesis Advisor: T. Donaldson] (download)

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163. POTTER, C.T. 2019. Taxonomic partitioning of coral reefs in Micronesia. [Thesis Advisor: A. Kerr]. (download)

162. KELOKELO, M. 2018. Sexuality and sex change in the arc-eye hawkfish (Paracirrhites arcatus). [Thesis Advisor: T. Donaldson]. (download)

161. MILLS, M. 2018. Unraveling the diversity of the dominant and ecologically-important crustose calcifying red algae (CCRA) on Guam's reefs using molecular data and anatomical observations. [Thesis Advisor: T. Schils]. (download)

160. GILL, A. 2018. Egg predation rates and spawning success among mating territories in a lek-like mating system of Gomphosus Varius (pisces: labridae). [Thesis Advisor: T. Donaldson] (download)

159. BURNS, N. 2018. Using Survivor Populations to Mitigate Bleaching Mortality of Staghorn Acropora Corals. [Thesis Advisor: L. Raymundo]. (download)

158. FIFER, J. 2018. Examining gene expression of heat-stressed Staghorn coral under different flow environments. [Thesis Advisor: L. Raymundo]. (download)

157. DRAKE, D. 2017. The population structure of the whitetip reef shark (Triaenodon obesus: Carcharhinidae) in the Mariana Archipelago. [Thesis Advisor: T. Donaldson]. (download)

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152. ANDRADA, S. A. 2017. Are cowries ecological conduits for naturally occuring polybrominated diphenyl ethers to enter marine food webs? [Thesis Advisor: J. Biggs] (dowload)

151. ​CAMACHO, R. 2016. Spatial and temporal trends of macroalgal communities in the seagrass beds in the Saipan Lagoon. [Thesis Advisor: P. Houk]. (download)

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​148. STAMAN, M. 2016. Nesting Patterns of the Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas, Cheloniidae) on Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. [Thesis Advisor: T. Donaldson] (download)

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