Student Eligibility for Varsity Athletics

University of Guam Athletic Compliance Committee Rules and Regulations 

For more information, contact the Athletic Director's Office at (671) 735-2862 or email palmerd@triton.uog.edu.


Student-Athlete Eligibility 

  1. Student-Athletes at the University of Guam will be granted 5 academic years of athletic competition
  2. Student-Athletes must have proof of health insurance to play/practice varsity athletics at the University of Guam
  3. Students most have an athletic physical prior to beginning play/practice for the Triton Athletic Department.
  4. Students must be full-time at the university (minimum 12 credits for undergraduates and as defined by program requirements for graduate students) to play/practice.


First Year Eligibility

  1. Students must be regular degree seeking students to become a student athlete at the University of Guam. Students must have an overall 2.50 GPA out of high school to play at the University of Guam during the first semester. Students must pass 12 credits with a 2.00 GPA during the first semester at UOG to play 2nd semester.
  2. First time students with a GED most sit-out 1 semester at UOG prior to participation in Triton Athletics. If the student passes 12 credits with a 2.00 GPA, the student may participate during his 2nd semester of attendance.


Second Year Eligibility

  1. Students must have completed 24 credits and 2.50 GPA to participate in 2nd year of athletic eligibility.


Third Year Eligibility 

  1. Students must have completed 48 credits and 2.50 GPA to participate in 3rd year of athletic eligibility.


Fourth Year Eligibility

  1. Students most have completed 72 credits and 2.50 GPA to participate in 4th year of athletic eligibility.


Fifth Year Eligibility

  1. Students must have completed 96 credits and 2.50 GPA to participate in 5th year of athletic eligibility


Transfer Student Eligibility

  1. Students transferring from other US colleges will use any eligibility that they have performed for NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, NWAC or National Small College Association institutions.
  2. Students transferring from international universities and colleges will be evaluated for any sport participation.
  3. Transfer students must have an overall GPA of 2.50 and have accumulated enough overall credits to meet the standard to match their year of eligibility.


Graduate Student Eligibility

  1. Graduate students at UOG may participate in Varsity Athletics if they have not used up their 5 academic years of competition.
  2. Graduate students must be full-time as defined by their graduate program.
  3. Graduate students upon the completion of their 5th academic year of competition may petition for a 6th season. No one may petition for beyond 6academic years..



  1. Academic Year: The fall, spring, and summer semesters under the academic calendar.
  2. GED: General Educational Development tests are a group of four subject tests that when passed, provide certification that the test taker has high school-level academic skills.
  3. NAIA: National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
  4. NCAA: National Collegiate Athletic Association
  5. NJCAA: National Junior College Athletic Association
  6. NWAC: Northwest Athletic Conference
  7. Student-Athlete:  an individual who engages in or is eligible to engage in athletics sponsored by the institution in which they are enrolled.



Last Updated 7/8/2016