Frequently Asked Questions 



Q: Do I need to pay the $100.00 security deposit in order to apply?
A: Yes.  Your application will not be considered until you pay.

Q: I was told that I was on a wait list, what should I do?
A: Because of the uncertainty of applicants cancelling, we recommend that you begin looking for off-campus housing.  Should a room become available for you, we will contact you.  If you choose to apply and be placed on the waiting list, the $100.00 security deposit will be waived until such time a room becomes available.  If paid, and you decide to cancel from the waiting list, you have the option to leave your security deposit for future application or request for deposit to be refunded to you.

Q: How do I cancel my application?
A: Contact our office by email or in person.  Please consider that you may be charged a cancellation fee and/or a percentage of the semester's housing in accordance with the housing contract.

Q: May I change my room type on the application (i.e. from Single to Double, Non-Air con to Air-con)?
A: Possibly and upon availability.  Your initial room reservation was considered with your initial room type and the date on which you submitted it.  Any change will affect your application date and may affect your room offer.  Additionally, changes made after check-in date will affect your billing charges.

Q: May I request a roommate on my application?
A: Yes.  However, the roommate you are requesting must also request you on his/her application for it to be considered.


Housing Services

Q: Is there internet available in my room?
A: No.  Internet services paid for through your student fees are not found in individual resident rooms.  The University's wireless network is found centrally located in the Study Hall of all dorms and the signal can be accessed generally throughout most of the front of the Halls including the TV lounges.

Q: Why can't I connect to the "UOG" wireless network?
A: Each wireless receiving device (laptop, cell phone, etc.) must be registered with the UOG Computer Center before being able to retrieve internet access.  Note that proof of current student registration may be required.

Q: Can I install internet services in my room?
A: Yes.  Each resident room is internet-ready and any resident may contact an internet service provider to install internet service.  However, residents should be mindful that residents are not guaranteed to keep the same room from semester to semester and may be required to pay extra fees to move internet service to a different room.

Q: Is there a telephone/cable TV available in my room?
A: No.  Resident rooms do not come with telephones or cable tv but are telephone and cable-ready and any resident may contact a telephone/cable service provider to install telephone/cable service.  However, residents should be mindful that residents are not guaranteed to keep the same room from semester to semester and may be required to pay extra fees to move telephone/cable service to a different room.  Payphones are located throughout the campus and cable tv is available in both TV lounges.

Q: Where can I do my laundry?
A: Laundry rooms are located in all three dorms; Dorm 1 (1st floor, front of male wing),  Iya'hami Hall (1st and 2nd floors, at the end of the hall in the female wing) and Guma'ta Hall (1st floor, middle of male wing).  One washing and drying cycle costs $0.75 each.  Large capacity washers (3 loads per wash) costs 2.25 per wash.  Residents can check RAs and the office for quarters.

Q: Are there vending machines available at the Halls?
A: Yes.  Beverage vending machines are available in the front entrance of Dorm 1, Iya'hami Hall and Guma'ta Hall.  A snack vending machine is available in the Iya’hami TV Lounge.  For refunds, please contact the University of Guam Bookstore on Wednesdays between 8am to 3pm.

Q: Are utilities included?
A: Yes.  Electricity and water are included in the price for housing.

Q: Is public transportation available near the Residence Halls?
A: Yes.  The Guam Regional Transit Authority (GRTA) stops hourly Monday-Saturday at the UOG Field House and English Building.  Download the GRTA Red Line Schedule.