Residence Halls

Frequently Asked Questions 



Q: Do I need to pay the $100.00 security deposit in order to apply?
A: Yes.  Your application will not be considered until you pay.

Q: I was told that I was on a wait list, what should I do?
A: Because of the uncertainty of applicants cancelling, we recommend that you begin looking for off-campus housing.  Should a room become available for you, we will contact you.  If you choose to apply and be placed on the waiting list, the $100.00 security deposit will be waived until such time a room becomes available.  If paid, and you decide to cancel from the waiting list, you have the option to leave your security deposit for future application or request for deposit to be refunded to you.

Q: How do I cancel my application?
A: Contact our office by email or in person.  Please consider that you may be charged a cancellation fee and/or a percentage of the semester's housing in accordance with the housing contract.

Q: May I request a roommate on my application?
A: Yes.  However, the roommate you are requesting must also request you on his/her application for it to be considered.


Housing Services

Q: Is there internet available in my room?
A: Yes, the University’s Wireless network is accessible from all rooms

Q: Why can't I connect to the "UOG" wireless network?
A: The "UOG-Guest" wireless network is open and free. If you are facing any technical difficulties, contact the computer center and they can assist you.

Q: Is there a telephone/cable TV available in my room?
A: No. Cable TV is available at the TV lounges at the Iya’Hami and Gumata Hall.

Q: Where can I do my laundry?
A: Laundry rooms are located in all three dorms. Each washing and drying cycle is priced at $2.00. Coin exchange is available at the main office.

Q: Are there vending machines available at the Halls?
A: Yes, beverage vending machines are available at every dorm.

Q: Are utilities included?
A: Yes.  Electricity and water are included in the price for housing.

Q: Is public transportation available near the Residence Halls?
A: Yes.  The Guam Regional Transit Authority (GRTA) stops hourly Monday-Saturday at the UOG Field House and English Building.  Download the GRTA Red Line Schedule.