Branding Tool Kit | Logos

Branding Tool Kit | Logos


Download the Sub-logos


In order to create and maintain brand unity, schools, colleges, and units within the University of Guam must follow the Sub-Logo standardization:

  1. The Big G is always placed to the left of the wordmark.
  2. The full name of the University of Guam (Wordmark) is listed at the top. Typeface: Roboto Slab Bold
  3. Top-Tier School / College / Dept. names are listed in smaller text underneath the main logomark. Typeface: Avenir Next Pro Regular.
  4. Unit names are listed in smaller italicized text underneath the school/college/dept. name. Typeface: Avenir Next Pro Italic
  5. Individual units should not create logos separate from UOG branding. The Office of Integrated Marketing Communications will design and provide official and approved Sub-Logo files for each department as requested.

Individual school, college, program, units, and department logos will be phased out by Fall 2018 in favor of the standardized sub-logos. Departments and units which may require a brand identity separate to the University of Guam or special use of a legacy logo such as for graduation pins will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Office of Integrated Marketing Communications.