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Branding Tool Kit | Logos

UOG Sealuog seal


The official Seal is the most formal symbol of the University of Guam. It is reserved for use on formal documents and actvitites of the the University President and the University Board of Regents. This includes but is not limited to its use in diplomas, certificates, transcripts, formal academic ceremonies, legal documents, major campus monuments, and approved high-end promotional merchandise.

The Seal should not be reproduced in most marketing materials, publications or regular promotional merchandise.

Permission to use the UOG Seal must be granted on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Integrated Marketing Communications.


The seal was created in 1968 by Mr. Jose Martinez Flores, a draftsman who was asked to create the seal for the institution.

Originally produced in one-color versions of green and black, it received a full color treatment in 2003.

The official Seal uses the shape of the sling stone and includes the words “The University of Guam” and “Excelsior” and the year “1952,” the date of our founding. A latte stone, a book containing the shape of the island of Guam, and a lamp of knowledge are included inside the sling stone shape.

For more information about the UOG Seal, please contact UOG Marketing and Communications