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Pre-Engineering Program

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The University of Guam Pre-Engineering Science Program parallels the engineering programs offered during the first two years at major colleges and universities. In order to complete his or her studies, it is expected that the student would transfer to another university that offers degrees in particular fields of engineering after completing the required course work in this program. The University’s pre-engineering program is articulated with the University of Iowa’s College of Engineering. Interested students should contact the Dean of the College of Natural and Applied Sciences.

The first two years of engineering study place emphases on learning the tools and theories and providing the background for all engineering fields. Rigorous studies in mathematics and the physical sciences of chemistry and physics will be required of all students in the program. Students will also be required to take courses in the social sciences and humanities in order to round out their educational experience.

Students requiring developmental work in the areas of mathematics or English are welcomed to the program, but completion of the program will probably take longer than two years for these students.

Advising of those participating in the Engineering Program will be handled by the pre-engineering advisors in the Division of Mathematical Sciences and the Water and Environmental Research Institute.


Recommended Engineering Science Curriculum:

English and Communication:  EN111, CO210.

Mathematics: MA203, MA204, MA205, MA301.

Physical Sciences: PH251, PH210, PH252, PH211, CH102-102L, CH103-103L.

Engineering Science: ES100, ES101, ES201, ES202.

Physical Education: 2 Credits

Elective Courses: 9 credits of courses in category II and III of General Education Course requirements.



Dr. Shahram Khosrowpanah


University of Iowa College of Engineering Memorandum of Understanding

UOG has a MOU with University of Iowa College of Engineering to offer transfer opportunities to students.

Download the UOG/U Iowa Pre-Engineering Agreement:   uoguiagreement.pdf